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    And so it begins….

    Jenny Dils Durr is spending about 9 hours a day answering email, completing forms, and getting The Thompson Group on track to become the Premier Independent Insurance Agency in the Midwest. A tall order indeed, but an order that she thinks is realistic. “I think with the team we have, the systems that we are beginning to implement, and with the partnerships we have made over the years, amazing things are starting to happen”. The new CEO of The Thompson Group looks giddy as she talks about the opportunities exists in today’s business environment.

    One area that is very exciting for Jenny is the fact that The Thompson Group is now a minority owned business and can help our clients with this status. According to Jenny “the certification process is lengthy, but once approved, this will be a major incentive for our clients and prospects to engage our firm. Jenny’s favorite saying is “the best is yet to come”, but if you are around Jenny much…. the best seems to be right now!

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    And so it begins....
    And so it begins....
    And so it begins....


    And so it begins....

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