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When you’re in sales there are rocks that you pick up every day. There are pebbles, there normal rocks, and then there are boulders. What you choose to build your sales wall with differs on what equipment you might need.

For example if you were to build your sales wall with pebbles, pretty much anyone can pick up pebbles. What I’m talking about when I talk about pebbles are the little $500, $1,000 revenue type accounts. If you were to build your wall with pebbles that’s’ a good wall. It’s a wall made up of many many many tiny pebbles. And if you lose a pebble the wall is still strong. But it takes a lot of work to build a wall of pebbles.

If you choose to use normal size rocks, and build your wall of sales with a rock and maybe the definition of revenue here might be $1,000 to $5,000 of revenue per sale. Your rock wall will be stronger than the pebble wall. But when you lose one of the rocks, then it does weaken the wall a little bit more than the pebble wall.

Finally if you’re to build your sales wall of boulders, the large $50,000 to $100,000 or $200,000 revenue accounts then you are going to have the strongest wall possible. However, if a boulder falls out of the all it’s going to weaken the wall dramatically.

So what do most people do? Most people build their sales wall with a couple boulders, a few rocks, and a lot of pebbles. If you look at the landscape of any sales culture, for the most part most people have a client base that consists of two or three boulders, many many small rocks, and many many many small pebbles. Some people tend to focus on the larger boulders but for the most part, it’s a collection of different size rocks.

So why is this important? It’s important to understand that if you go out and try to move a boulder it’s a lot bigger job than if you were going to move a pebble. You can pick up a pebble, but you can’t pick up a boulder.

It always amazes me how some people try to harvest their pebbles using heavy, heavy equipment. But if they use heavy equipment to pick up the pebbles they’re wasting time and money and in most cases they’re losing money.

Remember it is possible to gain a customer but lose money. Just remember as you’re building you’re sales wall to make sure you use the right equipment when picking up the pebbles rocks and boulders, and that you understand how your wall was built.

One exercise I recommend to all sales people is you try to get a visualization of your sales wall. What does it look like? How many boulders, rocks and pebbles do you have? And once you get that visualization you can see what you need to add to it then make your sales rock wall complete.

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