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Big Head part deux

Big Head part Deux

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

― Albert Einstein

This past Saturday I had the fortune of attending my son and daughters cross country banquet. After a great season, it was great to have one final dinner with a family of About 50 kids, parents, and coaches. As I sat there watching the program I could not help but continuing to turn my attention to the “big head”. You’ve have seen these big heads at various basketball and football games. In essence, it is a photo of either a player or a famous person that is held up during the game.

The man who had made that head was sitting beside me and I asked him, how much would it cost if you made me six of those heads? He said, well our cost is $25.00. I stated I would pay him $200.00 for 6 heads, he replied, done.

Tomorrow night, I’ll be stopping by our high school gym and after practice take a few high resolution photos of our top 6 players on our varsity team. I will have them wear a white headband and once the photos are downloaded, I’ll send them to my “big head making Dad”.

He will then take our logo and website address and put that information over the headband. I’ll have these 3-foot by 5-foot heads affixed to some heavy cardboard and then provide them to the student section. During our varsity basketball games, each time a kid scores, the head will be held up. At the end of the season, the heads will be given to the players.

As a business owner, I am always looking for creative marketing opportunities. I get calls every day from various marketing folks wanting to sell us billboards, TV, radio, and newspaper advertising. Over the past few years, we have moved away from those traditional media outlets and went more “gorilla” and social media type advertising.

It’s very important to keep a consistent look and feel to all of our advertising and promotional activities. One other unique and low cost marketing idea we implemented years ago was The Thompson Group Rocks. This is nothing but a small zip lock bag which we buy for $8.00 per 1000 online with a sticker of our logo and website affixed to the front. I get my kids to fill the bags with a few rocks from the parking lot and boom; you have a drop off piece that has a little more point of difference than a simple business card.

Imagine walking back in your office and having a normal business card laying on your desk and a back of 3 or 4 rocks with nothing but a logo and a website. Our experience is that the owner or decision maker is far more intrigued by our rocks and might take the time to visit our website to figure out that the heck it is we do.

Rocks, Big Heads, and other unique ideas are all part of a much larger campaign. A constant smash or our logo, web site, and brand in front of our clients and prospects. Marketing is by far the best parts of owning your own company. Get creative and start having fun today!

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Big Head part deux
Big Head part deux
Big Head part deux
Big Head part deux



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