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Don’t be caught NAKED after an accident in your company vehicle

Many times businesses will buy vehicles in the name of an individual to get rebates, use a family connection to get a better price, or for no darn good reason. They then call their business and insure that vehicle under the corporate policy. At claim time the carrier begins to research the file and learn that the company that was insuring the vehicle did NOT actually own the vehicle and thus they deny coverage.

If you drive a company vehicle and you own this vehicle, there are ways you CAN insure this exposure, but you need a professional risk management firm to correctly create the program.

Attached is a breakdown of this exposure and the solution to this problem. This is brought to you by our fine friends at West Bend Mutual. If you like to read, open the attachment, if you don’t like to read or need further explanation, call our office.

Don’t be NAKED! Get adequate, correct, proper coverage.

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