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Don’t ever just TRY!

Quit trying….

I used to go to a private gym as a young man and will never forget a conversation I overheard from one of the trainers. The young man was working with a woman who kept stating “I can try to do that but no promises”. After about 20 minutes of this statement over and over and over and over and over again, the young trainer finally said “Barbara, there are two types of people. Those people that always try and those people that always do. Can you change your mindset that you are going to be a “doer and not a tryer”? Barbara laughed, stated, “I can do this…” and I’m sure she’s still doing it today.

How many times do we hear our loved ones, co-workers, and even our leaders state, “we’ll try”. Trying is not good enough. Moving forward we all must DO the task. If we fail, that is acceptable, but never again can we simply try. Society needs a mind shift and today is the day that we all must agree we will DO IT!

The old NIKE campaign of just do it, could have been try it, but I guess it does not have the same ring. Imagine people running and as the image of the Nike sign and the image of the “Do It” were replaced with “Try It…” many of the people might just stop doing what they were doing because they were just trying it. Don’t try, Do.

The mindset of the “Doer” is no matter what; I’m going to get this task done. Many times in my management career I’ve used the story of the locked door. The story goes like this. On his way out of the office one day, the president of the company gives a young man a large envelope and asks him to put it on the desk of the chairman of the board. The president indicated the importance and the young man promised to put it on this desk. About an hour later, the young man went to drop off the envelope in the office of the chairman, but the lights were off and the door was shut. Upon returning from his one-week vacation, the president was shocked to see the large envelope on his desk. He immediately went the young man and asked why the task was not complete. The young man stated, the office was dark, the door was locked I couldn’t put it on the desk. The president asked, “Did you try the door”. The young man honestly stated no, but the lights were off and I’m sure it was locked. The president then stated that he had three important messages for the young man. One, the information contained in the envelope was worth about $500,000. Second, doors at the company are never locked, it’s corporate policy and finally, now that they had $500,000 invested in the young man, and he would be working for the firm for life. That’s too much of an investment to ever let him go.

How many times have you asked a team member to accomplish a task only to learn the door was locked? My response is, break the window! Locked doors cannot stop us from completing tasks, only our “try” mentality stops us from completing a task. Quit trying and start doing.

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Don't ever just TRY!
Don't ever just TRY!
Don't ever just TRY!
Don't ever just TRY!



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