Once a year, the Chamber of Commerce of Conifer Colorado put on an event called Elevation Celebration.

My Queen and I bought a home on the top of a mountain in Confier, and so we thought joining the chamber might be a good move.

We did and on July 27, and 28th of 2019 we drove our 1970 VW Bus to the event, set up a tent and handed out about 3000 pieces of swag. We had 7 of our teammates three from our Midwest branch join us. At the end of each day, we would retreat to our mountain home and do team-building exercises like cook dinner together.

We raffled off a retro VW Bus cooler that our friend Jim Feick found online, in all we collected about 400 potential new friends that might have an interest in joining our firm.

This is the first of many events our team will join, the town of Conifer, CO has welcomed us with open arms, this is an underserved market from an insurance perspective and we look to expand our footprint in this wonderful-beautiful paradise. Let the record show, The Thompson Group is now a part of the conifer community.

Anson and Jenny
“Find the Pain, Heal the Pain, Show the Love”

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