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Getting a big head…

Getting a big head

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

― Martin Luther King Jr.

I too had a dream to land the biggest whale I had ever landed. But how, how would I even get my foot in the door? In my dream the prospect was the CEO of the largest wholesale operation in the Midwest. He was an avid football fan and attends every home game of the Indianapolis Colts.

Since I knew a few folks that knew “Bryan”, I also knew where Bryan’s suite was in the stadium. Before a home game I got online and got a high-resolution photo of Bryan’s face. If you are dealing with a big enough names, trust me, you can find a photo online of any major CEO in your area.

I took the photo and uploaded it to my local Walgreen’s via their website. Walgreen’s is a local powerhouse pharmacy that I regularly load photos from my phone to the closest location to where I am currently sitting and within a few moments, I can go pick up my 4x 7 print.

Since I wanted a high-resolution shot and I wanted a much larger photo than the 8 x 10 or 4 x 6 sizes that I usually purchase, I went online and uploaded the photo and choose the 24 x 36 poster size cropping the photo so that only Bryan’s face was showing. Within an hour, I stopped by, picked up the “big head” and on my way I went.

I took the big Bryan head home and affixed it to a large piece of cardboard I had picked up at a local grocery store for FREE. Now, my mission was set. I got online at and purchased a ticket across from Bryan’s suite.

Come game day I was ready. I went to the game alone, dressed in my best Indianapolis Colt’s gear. As the pregame started, I hoisted up my big “Brian” head which was now affixed to a large 1 x 2 stick for maximum visibility.

After the first quarter, a young man came and asked who I was and why I had his boss’s head on a stick.. I indicated that I was the owner of an independent insurance agency and that I thought it might make sense to meet Brian. I was not sure any other way to arrange a meeting and thought this might get a little laugh from my “target”.

The young man left, but soon returned asking me to join him in the suite. Brian was very warm and stated that no one had ever marketed to him in such a unique way. We enjoyed a few beverages, some of his suite food, and even stayed after the game talking business strategy.

Today Brian’s company is one of my largest clients and they continue to grow. Brian and I meet on a regular basis with his CFO and the big Brian head is still in the suite allowing Brian to tell his visitors the tale of the crazy insurance guy.

I now join Brian in the suite and smile when I see my big head. There is thousands of way to market and sometimes dreams do come true.

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Getting a big head...
Getting a big head...
Getting a big head...
Getting a big head...



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