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Have Sex with Society!

Remember the last time you had sex. I’ll wait a moment. If you can’t remember, I’m sorry. But if you can remember, focus on the intensity, the passion, and the amazing connection with the person you were with. Again, I’ll wait. If there was not intensity, passion, or connection, I’m sorry, but if you have ever had that sexual experience I just described, imagine having that same feeling with society.

Too much you say? Maybe, but there are few things in life that get us totally consumed and connected with another human being. Taking that same approach with life can make a big difference in your success and failure.

Take for example learning. A quick review of a text can give you some knowledge, but listening to that same text, studying that same text, and then applying that knowledge to the teaching of others those concepts can be not just knowledge addition, but enlightenment.

The next time you are in a social situation, think of the sex analogy and have intense conversation with someone you don’t know. What the hell am I talking about? Well, focus on one of their eyes, do not talk about yourself, only “reversing” every statement they make forcing them to lead the conversation. When they say, “what do you do”, reply with “not much…. how about you?”. Each statement from them should be batted back like a tennis ball as quick as you can get them to talk. At the end of the conversation, they will think either you are plum crazy or that you were a great listener and someone they might want to get to know.

Prospect like you are making love. Take it slow, focus on the prospect, it does NOT matter what your needs are. It is ALL about them. Why did they make the choice for the provider of your service before? When their current provider had there last meeting, what did they discuss, was it memorable or a waste of time. What’s the one thing that their current provider is not doing that they should be doing?

Sex, if you are a good partner, is all about making the other party “happy”. Focusing on others in teaching, networking, or prospecting will make all the difference in the world. You just might learn that at the end of the “session” you are more fulfilled than ever before.

Have sex with society, you might just like it.

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Have Sex with Society!
Have Sex with Society!
Have Sex with Society!
Have Sex with Society!



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