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I entered the insurance industry in 1992.  I bought my first firm in 1996, our agency is now in 27 states, and I have locations in two states.

Within the insurance industry, there are a lot of people that offer training, but my problem with most is they no longer are “in the industry.”  They sold their agency and now think they can help insurance agency owners and producers grow.  But the problem with this strategy is that the insurance game changes.

I am the owner of a very successful independent insurance agency.  I have worked with my team for over 20 years, creating policies, procedures, and systems that can help an insurance agency move from good to GREAT.

The difference between myself and every other trainer is that I still own my agency.  I’m not ever going to retire; I see my company as a laboratory that I can test and use different ideas.  If they work, I share them, if they don’t, I keep those to myself.

I now live on top of a mountain in Colorado.  Well, I have a condo in downtown Denver, and another home still in Indianapolis, but my “home” is now in Morrison, CO.

I am currently renovating the mountain home to serve as a training center for the insurance industry.   This last year I’ve been sharing my wisdom in 2-day camps.  The feedback has been amazing.

Soon, very soon, I’ll launch my first Boom Camp on Top of the Mountain.  I’ve started another brand; I call it the Insurance Sherpa.  I’m a ninja for my clients, but a Sherpa for folks in the insurance industry that are tired, frustrated, or confused.

Join me for a class and then join one of my mastermind groups to help keep your agency ahead of the competition.

I have a bevy of products, solutions, and strategies that have helped our firm separate us from our competition.   No other insurance firm tastes, smells, or looks like The Thompson Group.  Our corporate vehicle is a 1970 VW Bus wrapped in Tie Dye.

Are you a young agent looking for help growing your book or are you an agency owner that knows they need to change to survive.  My clients don’t just survive; after our boom camp, they THRIVE!

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