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    Learning from the Foo Fighters

    The beauty of a Hiatus –

    Insurance Ninja

    When Dave Grohl looked out at the sea of people in Central Park last weekend for the Global Citizen Festival, he was moved to say he did not know if his band, the Foo Fighters, would ever play a concert together again. “We don’t have any shows after this,” he said. “This is where we play as many songs as we can in a short period of time, because, honestly, I don’t know when we’re going to do it again.” Mr. Grohl took pains to say that the Foo Fighters were not breaking up, calling the band “my life” and saying he could never give it up. But he added that members needed a break from one another. “Sometimes it’s good to just … put it back in the garage for a while,” he wrote.

    Arts Beat 10.2.12

    How amazing! A Hiatus. If you are a fan of the Foo Fighters, you and I are brothers or sisters in arms. I’ve been a big fan of the Foo’s for a few years now, traveling to their shows with my partner, air guitaring their music when driving, and using their music as the sole fuel for my extended runs. The fact that they are taking a hiatus is sad, but I get it. Sometimes, we all just need a break.

    The beauty of a hiatus is that you don’t quit. Think about your marriage, if you could simply walk away from each other for a while and “behave properly”, the return could be amazing. It’s my thought that most people that are married actually love each other and that what kills the relationship is the often-mundane daily existence, the fact that life truly does get in the way of love.

    Taking a hiatus from your spouse or partner is a great idea when things get stale, old, or you simply need a break. There has to be much trust that neither will stray for physical attention, but connecting with other humans is not only healthy, but also exciting.

    Think about your company, would a hiatus be beneficial for you? I got a call the other day from a very successful client that asked me “What are the insurance ramifications of us just closing our business?” After I picked myself up off the floor and asked why would you do that? They told the story that as of late, it’s not fun anymore, they are going through a lawsuit that has no merit, but the lawyer’s need paid, and they are just tired. Financial independence was recognized years ago and thus this could be their reality. I offered a little advice that I too have had times in the past that I just wanted to disappear. Sometimes things are not as fun as others and we just need a break. But, if you can stick it out, most times, GREAT times are ahead. I’m now thinking that if these owners were to take a brief hiatus of say 6 months while putting a pseudo management team in place, it might be the best thing that ever happened to their company.

    I believe David Grohl one of the smartest men on this planet. He’s not even high school educated, but has been able to traverse one of the most difficult industries, the music business, with seemingly breathless ease, while maintaining his personal code to great music.

    I applaud Dave’s decision to take a break and ask you, the reader, and “is it time for you to take a break?” A time for you to take stock of what you have with our marriage, your business, or your life.

    Thank you David, I’ll enjoy the new music you will produce one day in the future knowing that it will be greater than ever due to your hiatus.

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    Learning from the Foo Fighters
    Learning from the Foo Fighters
    Learning from the Foo Fighters
    Learning from the Foo Fighters



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