Over the years, we have found a few products that help separate our firm from the rest of the insurance industry.

Other firms can access these products, but they fail to see the value, one such product is payroll deduct guaranteed Life Insurance.

How It Works
The product is targeted at firms with 15 or more employees. It costs the employer nothing but the time to sit with each employee and review their options. The price point is less than most health insurance options, so we have found substituting this product in place of the life insurance offered by most health insurance providers.

Another benefit to the employee is that it is portable. If they leave the company, they can take their life insurance with them.

Cost Effective
The cost is pennies per pay period, but the financial impact can be substantial. We had a young lady that had worked at one of our clients, she quit the firm, but continued to carry her life insurance. She died months after leaving her employment, and this was the only life insurance she had in place. Our work made a tragedy a little less tragic. Her family had the financial means to bury her and provide the kids with a cushion for their future.

Payroll Deduct life insurance is a gift owner of businesses can give to their employees. We have a team of individuals skilled in the nuance of this product, and they can help implement this into any sized firm.

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