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    LifeCard Insurance

    Employee benefit costs are out of hand; a major expense for most businesses is the cost of their benefit programs including health insurance, eye and dental. To help offset this cost, The Thompson Group has partnered with an A+ rated carrier to offer a benefit that does not cost our clients any extra money but provides an amazing benefit to their employees. The product is commonly known as Guaranteed Payroll Deductible Life Insurance and is designed to meet the needs of companies with an employee count as low as five and up to 47,675 full-time equivalents. The program is guaranteed, helping those employees who are unable to procure life insurance on the open market; again, the product is guaranteed to be issued no matter the health condition of the employee.

    The product cost is minimal but fills a void in the financial planning needs of those under served in the marketplace. How many of your valued employees carry life insurance? Most group health insurance programs provide a low limit of life insurance, but this will typically cover simple burial expenses; it does nothing to protect the long-term financial viability of the family. We have delivered checks to the spouses and children of employees who were killed in an unforeseen accident, helping them protect their financial future and ensuring a family’s ability to get through one of the hardest times of their life. The coverage can be purchased for the employee, spouse, children or other immediate family members.

    Our process is simple, we meet with your management team, review our program, and if you agree to move forward, we set up an employee meeting at various times to accommodate multiple shifts and the unique culture of our clients. Once the employee meeting is complete, each employee is given an option to review their low cost Guaranteed Life Insurance Options or reject the coverage based on their specific need. Please consider opening your heart and mind to a conversation with one of our Voluntary Benefits Professionals today.

    LifeCard Insurance
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