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My attempt at buying insurance from a LIZARD

I just tried to buy insurance from a lizard

So I’m “dinking” around on the Internet and notice an image of the sign that states, “Welcome to Indiana”. New law to take effect October 20th clicks here for more information. I never click ads, but thought this was an educational item and thus click and boom, I was told I could save money on my car insurance.

At this point, I was amused that they had “got me” so I proceeded with the quote. I must say, the GEICO system is very slick. After I entered my name and address, my son’s truck was pulled up as my vehicle since it was registered to the same address. I’m not sure how GEICO did this, but it saved me from having to type in the VIN number, etc. Again, very impressed.

I answered the questions truthfully and within 10 minutes had a quote for $35.00 a month. That is considerably less than I’m paying now, but upon review of the quote, there were some major stipulations. The car could not be driven for business, more than 9000 miles a year, and some other major item I can’t recall.

In addition, I asked for $250,000 / $500,000 limits and only got a quote for $100,000 / $300,000. You cannot increase these limits and thus when I hear about people saving “money from GEICO”, they are probably reducing their limits of liability.

I don’t think most people understand that if I would have purchased this policy and had an accident that my entire asset base is covered by $100,000 for bodily injury to each person I injure. Hope I don’t injure more than 3 or then I’m really in trouble.

As independent insurance agents, we should thank the GEICO’s of the world for taking those clients that are only interested in one thing, price. As a rookie agent I used to deal with these folks and it was no holiday.

I’m intrigued by the sophistication of the GEICO online rating system and am wondering if we too can speed up our ability to research our markets for our clients using this BMV info.

The one thing that GEICO can never do is form the relationships we have with our clients. GEICO can sell auto insurance, but our company offers complete personal protection as well as asset management and benefits programs.

GEICO is like a supermarket that only sells beans. They sell beans and they sell them at a very low cost, but most times when one goes to a supermarket, they want more than beans. They might want meat, lettuce, or even a case of beer. GEICO does not sell mean, lettuce, or beer, they only sell beans.

As an owner of a supermarket that sells meat, lettuce, beer, AND beans, I welcome any and all people to visit the bean only market and then come to my store and yes, probably pay more for my beans, but also get their meat and beer.

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My attempt at buying insurance from a LIZARD
My attempt at buying insurance from a LIZARD
My attempt at buying insurance from a LIZARD
My attempt at buying insurance from a LIZARD



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