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    The Lost Art of Talking

    The lost art of Talking – Insurance Ninja

    Remember the good ol days when you would actually sit down face to face and talk to someone? Remember how it felt to look in their eyes, sense their body language, and take the conversation on the road less traveled. Skype, Texting, and Email are great. They have their place, but as a society, we have become too over eager to let these technologies replace a good old conversation. I’m getting ready to shut off my email to my phone. Why? Well it’s a damn nuisance. I’m constantly trying to reply to messages that really have no consequence. Step one of my new life, shut off the email to my phone. Use my phone as a phone and not as an email device.

    Next, I’m setting up an auto assistant to let the senders of email to me know that I’m only going to check email once a day. What that means is that I have 24 hours to respond. If you send me an email you will get a message that states, “I recently read a book that changed my life. No longer am I tied to my email, in fact, I only check it once a day. If you need me, call me and let’s chat or better yet, let’s meet face to face and have an old fashion conversation. I’ll respond within 24 hours of the receipts of this email, but probably not before. Thank you and remember less is more.”

    Less is more. Think about it, we cram so much content and information into our systems on a daily manner it’s no wonder that 34 % of us are on anti depressants. Remember that 76% of all statistics are made up on the spot. If we could simply unplug from the gluttony of information and only focus on the meat and NOT the fat, our lives would be so much better.

    I’m not reading the newspaper, removed Drudge report from my daily viewing, and have not had standard TV for over a year. Think about it, no news, is good news. If something major happens people talk about it, I’ll hear about it. But to spend hours focused on content that will help me decide who to vote for in the next election…., no thanks; I’m going to listen to some music. I’ll dance while you try and make up your mind. 2 weeks before the election, I’ll call a few friends and ask them, who are you voting for and why and then I’ll make my decision.

    I don’t tweet very often, but I do update my Facebook status daily. I usually go with a positive message, trying to others to realize that life is what you make it. Life is fantastic, if you make it fantastic.

    Less is more. Think about your life, eliminate the fat, focus on the meat and begin living a fuller, more amazing life!

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    The Lost Art of Talking
    The Lost Art of Talking
    The Lost Art of Talking


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