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    M. Thomas

    "The Thompson Group makes our life a lot easier. We can focus more time on what we do best knowing they have us covered and protected. If you're looking for commercial insurance in the Indianapolis area I would recommend reaching out to them."

    M. Boyle

    "Top shelf professionalism from this group. Highly recommend."

    W. Pinkston

    "These guys are fantastic and they totally know what they're doing when it comes to commercial insurance, workers comp, liability and all the details of business risk management."

    D. Fingers

    "The Thompson Group is top notch. Their attention to detail, on-boarding, and customer service has been beyond excellent. I highly recommend them for all your insurance needs."


    Are you a business owner? Do you have assets that need to be protected? Do you make something that could cause bodily injury or property damage? What if an employee got hurt on the job, what would happen?

    The Thompson Group has been working with business owners to help identify their specific risks and create insurance programs around those unique needs.

    We've been in business since the earth began cooling and are known for our unique approach and style. Our 19 team tour de force of fantastic insurance nerds, superheroes, ninja's and Queens will work with you to help you make sure that if a loss occurs, you will have adequate coverage.

    Small Business insurance in Indianapolis, IN is not something that should be bought online unless you have a high-risk tolerance. We still believe that human to human interaction is a necessity when purchasing Commercial Insurance.

    Our team has a process that helps us identify gaps in your current commercial insurance program. We ask a lot of questions; we get deep and wide when analyzing your risk.

    Do you need cyber liability insurance? Maybe or maybe not, but we will help you identify what products might help you protect against those damn Russians. Not all cyber liability policies are created equal, and we utilize some of the top forms in the industry.

    What about Directors and Officers coverage? Has your current agent reviewed your D and O needs calculator? What is your score?

    OSHA issues, we can help. We work with our clients to help mitigate work-related injuries and help get your employees back to work helping reduce your long-term worker's compensation costs.

    If you own a business, any business, you need protection. Think of The Thompson Group as your outsourced risk management team. We are different and look to prove it every day of every year to our clients, prospects, and suspects.

    About us

    “As an insurance agency that is part of the local community, our clients can expect competitive rates, a stable relationship, and personal customer service.”


    Buying personal insurance has been moved from a value purchase to a commodity but no personal insurance program is the same. The old adage “you get what you paid for” has never been more spot on to describe the differences in personal insurance programs. Many policies fail to pick up exposures like driving a company vehicle, coverage for collections and hobbies, or liabilities unique to a person’s household

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    Personal Insurance
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    Commercial Insurance
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    You’ve poured so much time, energy and money into your small business, but what’s the point if you’re not properly protected? The best way to protect your investment is with small business insurance. This is a general term that includes a number of specific policies, all of which are designed to protect you and your business in a variety of situations. The type of business insurance in Indianapolis, IN, that you need depends on your industry.

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    Life, Health, and Disability Insurance are the largest insurance purchases a person or business can make. Life’s unexpecteds happen when we least expect it, and you cannot be more prepared for when it does.

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    Life & Health Insurance
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    We know your name, a real person still answers the phone and we still love to regularly visit your home or business to talk face-to-face.


    Our dreams, our vision, our legacy.


    It’s more than our Mission Statement. It’s what we do, and how we run our business. See for yourself.

    As a partner of Acrisure, The Thompson Group has three locations across the country, serving clients in 48 states!

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