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You’ve poured so much time, energy and money into your small business, but what’s the point if you’re not properly protected? The best way to protect your investment is with small business insurance IN. This is a general term that includes a number of specific policies, all of which are designed to protect you and your business in a variety of situations. The type of Commercial insurance in Indianapolis, IN, that you need depends on your industry.

Types of Insurance

Since each business and industry is unique, there are several types of business insurance policies that you can choose from. One of the most common is general liability that covers property damage, physical injury and defense costs. Professional liability protects your business if a client decides that you were negligent in the services or advice that you provided. Property insurance protects your actual property where you do business whether you lease it or own it. Workers comp insurance covers you in case an employee is hurt on the job or while handling job-related activities.

Things to Consider

The type of Commercial Property Insurance in Indianapolis, IN, you need depends on your type of business and the size. For example, if you’re a physical therapist, professional liability is the perfect choice for you since it can protect you in case someone gets hurt while following your regimen. If you have several employees, workers comp is a must since an accident can happen at any time. You also need to consider costs. The type of policy you choose and the size of your company have a great impact on your annual premium. There are also different rules and laws regarding what type of insurance you need, so be sure and give us a call to find out more to protect your business.

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