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Customer Service

Customer Service 101

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

I got a call from a client last week About an automobile accident that occurred about a month ago. After some thought, he had decided to turn it in. He called and asked that since it had been some time since they had experienced an accident, he was not sure what to do. He did have the police report number and so I gleaned this information and started the claim process.

My first step was to call my customer service agent on this particular account and advise of the situation. She called the police station, gave the report number, and was faxed the report showing the other driver was at fault and the other party was insured with State Farm. She then turned in the claim to State Farm only to find that the claim was already turned in and thus she received a claim number.

She then sent an email to the client with the phone number of State Farm, the claim number, and the person that he needed to talk to. I think in most companies, that would be the norm, get the information, and forward it to the correct people. I like to think I’m empathetic and thus I put my self in my clients shoes. I thought, I think we can do one more thing.

I then personally called the number given and asked for the person listed in the email. They were out, but I did get a hold of a very professional young lady that was very helpful. Upon reviewing the information, we had sent the wrong information to our client. The claim number was incorrect and thus it took me a little time to find out exactly what needed to be done. Turns out that they were attempting to reach my client to check on the damages, but did not have any contact information. They asked that he call in and discuss the claim.

Again, I thought, can’t we do more. Since my client is on the road most of the time, I asked is it possible that they call him and collect the needed information. Although not the normal procedure, she did state she would have someone call him and collect all needed information.

I discussed this with my partner and she agreed that what our customer service agent did was the normal procedure. I challenged that normal and with a phone call made the customer claim experience painless. In every situation, there is usually one little thing you can do, one more little step that if you do it changes the customer experience from average to amazing.

We all get busy doing our jobs, answering email, phone calls, requests for information, but if we stop and think about what the task is were are doing and think, what’s one more thing I can do to help eliminate the pain, you can take an average experience and turn it into an amazing one for your client.

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