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I’m not sure of the day, but let’s just say day 7 of Anson Ross Thompson’s unplugged experiment. No email to phone, no twitter, I thought I would go crazy, but I’m thinking this is the most liberating thing I’ve done in years.

The goal initially was to only check email twice a day, I have failed at this task. It is so easy to open up outlook and shoot out responses to questions that could be answered later. My focus today is to NOT open outlook until after 5:00 tonight.

My other area of “cheat” has been damn Facebook. Facebook is a time waster for sure, but I like to post humorous tid bits and I look at my ability to post via my phone as a necessary evil. So, Sunday night, after a 4 day hiatus, Facebook was back, but I’m not checking it near as much as I used to. .

I just had a meeting with a client / friend that was intrigued by my “new life”, but he has tried this and failed miserably. He indicated that his email was his life line and that it was almost like a drug he could not live with out. I think I’ll stick with my passion for wine and let him continue his addiction to email.

Since cutting the cord, I’ve written more than I have in years. My blog, as you can see, is being populated by words that might have an impact on one person, maybe not, but writing to me has always been therapy and my writing has helped me expand my thoughts.

The Virtual Assistant experiment continues with my posting of my third task today. The first task is near completion, the second is “out to bid” and the third is awaiting interested parties to begin giving me their vision of how they might complete the task.

I hate to say that I have not picked up my IPAD 3 in days, I don’t really use it anymore. I used to use it for content consumption, but since I no longer review the daily news, check who is ahead in the pools (who cares and what impact can I have…), and am reading an old fashion book, my “cool tech toy” is left in it’s leather bag to wonder “where’s my owner”?

Exercise is back to being a daily activity, the free time I now have from not being a slave to email and social media is used much more effectively running 2 miles or swimming a ½ mile. I’ll get back to weight training soon, for now, I’m enjoying my renewed energy level and clear mind.

Advice from this Ninja, unplug today. Try it a week, change your life and instead of being a slave, be free to focus on what is really important in life…YOU, your family, your friends, and the monkey in the closet from Family Guy.

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