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    Introducing our new CEO – Jenny Dils Durr

    8:18 pm August 31st, 2012 will be remembered in the history books as the birth of an amazing company.

    On that date at that moment, the documents were signed to form the new company Someday is Today, LLC DBA The Thompson Group. Someday is Today is a term used by new CEO, Jenny Dils Durr and old CEO, Anson Ross Thompson to describe the fact that most people never take action…. they are always going to do it someday. Someday, I’ll lose weight or someday I’ll start a company or someday I’ll be happy.

    According to Jenny “Someday is Today!”. We are building a company that people want to become a part of. A place where people will beg to work and others beg to become clients. Our mission is simple, find the pain, heal the pain, and show the love. Our company will become the standard from which all other insurance providers will be measured. We have studied great companies like Apple, Google, and Jerry’s Ice Cream Stand and will use the principles used by these companies to help guide our development as the Premier Insurance Provider of the Midwest.

    Anson Thompson has never been more excited. We built the best company we could with the people and knowledge we had. From 1996 to 2012, we made a statement as to how insurance could be different, but meet your needs. According to Anson “It’s now time for a new direction, a new leader, a new life changing adventure”.

    Jenny’s movement into the CEO role signals a major turn in direction. The Thompson Group will NOW be a minority owned company. This will give our clients who benefit when partnering with minority owned vendor an advantage. Anson Thompson is still an owner, but Jenny is now the driving force behind the direction of the company.

    Not since peanut butter and jelly were combined into one delicious sandwich has there been so much buzz. Look out world…”Someday is today”.

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    Introducing our new CEO - Jenny Dils Durr
    Introducing our new CEO - Jenny Dils Durr
    Introducing our new CEO - Jenny Dils Durr


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