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    Living as Paul Simon sings….

    Slow Down

    “Life sometimes gets so bogged down in the details, you forget you are living it. There is always another appointment to be met, another bill to pay, another symptom presenting, and another uneventful day to be notched onto the wooden wall. We have synchronized our watches, studied our calendars, existed in minutes, and completely forgotten to step back and see what we’ve accomplished.”

    ― Jodi Picoult, My Sister’s Keeper

    There is an old Paul Simon song that starts, slow down you move too fast, got to make this moment last. I’m constantly reminding myself of this verse and as I age find it more and more my life. As a young business owner I prided myself on getting to the office at 6:00 am, working all day, sometimes until 6:00 pm, only to get home, eat with the wife and kids and fall asleep in my “dad’s chair”. My how things have changed.

    10 years ago I was running about 70 miles an hour. I’m now moving about 35. I get up later, work on fewer things, but have greater success with the things I do work on and am a much happier person. Most people claim I’m medicated, but truth be told, as I’ve aged, I’ve grown into my being.

    My kids are now 18 and 16, great leaders in their respective classes and both look to be on great path of amazing human impact. I’m pretty confident both kids will change the world in one-way or another. I’m a proud Dad and try and watch daily the little developments that occur each and every interaction I have with them.

    I have an amazing life partner. I stop there, because without any further definition, people assume I’m gay. Most men don’t call their significant other a partner, but in my case, my female partner is a true partner. Equal in every way, we compliment each other’s skill sets or lack there of in some cases. Although we have agreed that we will never marry until we reach the age of 80 years old, we combined our businesses and now work together fighting the good fight while enjoying the fruits of our labor.

    My family is an amazing group of eclectic individuals. Mom and Dad are both in good health getting around very well for 2 folks in their mid 70’s. My sister, although she only has one leg, is a true gift to the world and aside from her rage against her brother due to his constant pointing out of her obvious handicap (me and her 1 and a half leg) is a pretty good egg.

    10 years ago I did not notice such things, I had a business and that was about it. Today I have a family, a partner, and an amazing existence. I’ve slowed down, began smelling the coffee, the roses, the wine, and the amazing food being cooked by my next-door 1950’s style diner located right beside my New York City style loft.

    If you are reading this and are thinking, damn, that get up early, work late person sounds like me, understand that I’m now divorced. If you are in love with your wife, you might want to slow down or you might just find yourself in my shoes. I’ve made a few mistakes along the way, but like my friend Dave Grohl likes to say, “I feel bad about the bad things, I feel good about the good things, but I wouldn’t change a thing….”

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    Living as Paul Simon sings....
    Living as Paul Simon sings....
    Living as Paul Simon sings....
    Living as Paul Simon sings....



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