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The Power of Thank You

The power of Thank you…

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough”

― Oprah Winfrey

My partner and I just sent 5 of our staff to our annual convention. We even had the opportunity to spend a Saturday night with a few of them laughing and have a couple of drinks. The convention is held in Indianapolis and is a collection of vendors, classes for our industry, and a bevy of old friends.

One of our producers is very active in our association that hosts the convention, so it has been our practice to provide him a room at the Westin during the convention. We closed our office Monday so that every person in our Parker City office could attend the convention. We thought it a nice reward for their dedication and hard work since our recent merger.

My first interaction About the convention happened when I asked an employee “how was the convention”. The reply was, “it was nice, we had a nice dinner, the stuff they gave away was not as nice as last year, so and so got really drunk, but it was nice.”

Immediately following that exchange was “yeah, I wish I would have had a room like Ronn, I didn’t like driving home at 12:30 last night”. The reason for the late night was there was an optional party that a few of them, obviously decided to attend.

I then went back to my conference room and lamented on the fact that every year I spend about twenty five hundred dollars sending my staff to this convention. Never is there a thank you, it has come to be expected. I resolved that this was “just the way it was”.

Then, like a hammer to the head, an employee entered my office and stated “I just wanted to thank you and Jenny for allowing us all to go to the convention. It was nice to get out of the office and attend such a nice event. We really appreciate the gesture.”

The staff lives to attend another convention! As a business owner I get frustrated with my perceived lack of employee appreciation. I’m sure this is a two way street. I think I say thank you, you are doing a great job, and that a’ boy, but my staff would probably tell a different story. I was reminded yesterday about the power of thank you and hopefully, this might remind you, the reader, as well.

Taking this thought a little farther since I’m only at 480 words and my editor really likes these snippets to land somewhere about 500 to 600 words, this concept should be taken to your clients. Think about the last time you received a hand written thank you. That thank you is probably in your desk or on a board somewhere in your office. That last “thank you” email is in your deleted bin.

Our office for years has had post cards made and we encourage our staff to use them frequently to say “thank you” or other positive messages to our clients and vendors. Over the years I’ve received many calls from vendors and clients thanking me for the thanks that they received from my staff. A hand written thank you is worth 100 thank you email. Ok, man, that got me to 563 words, I can now stop this rant on thank you’

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The Power of Thank You
The Power of Thank You
The Power of Thank You
The Power of Thank You



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