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    Youtube as a sales tool

    It’s Friday, the board meeting is tomorrow and it’s 5 hours away. Traditionally, we will meet with our clients to review our proposal and answer any questions, but that was not possible in this case. Once we received our final proposal back, it was obvious we had a better product and a better price point, but how do we sell when we can’t be there?

    Enter Youtube. After we completed our proposal of the information. As requested, an apples to apples version and then our recommendations version, it was reduced to a 5-page document highlighting the need to know information and put into a PDF for email to the board.

    To make things a little more clear, I had our marketer, grab one of our IPAD’s and shoot a quick 3 minute video of our review of coverage, the differences, why we made the recommendations we did, and how we can move forward. The current provider was located about 10 minutes from the risk, we were located 5 and ½ hours away, but since we already insure some other business in the area, we are a known quantity.

    We used Imovie to sex up the video complete with graphics, contact information, etc. The total time to shoot and create the video was about 10 minutes. We don’t do multiple takes, just review the proposal, pointing out the areas that we are discussing and then move on.

    I did leave my cell phone number knowing that at some point, there might be a question as to why we were recommending Workers Compensation for this entity that seemingly had no employees. I advised the board that I answer my cell phone 24 / 7 and that if they did have any questions to call me, I would be available during the board meeting.

    I did get a call asking about co-insurance and shockingly why we were recommending workers compensation. After a brief conversation, they understood the perils and agreed to use the savings that we were offering to purchase the work comp as a risk management decision.

    We have used video over the last few years as an educational tool and sometimes to help sell an account, but this is the first time that due to our inability to attend a meeting did it work to help “seal the deal”.

    I was sharing this with a friend and they said, can’t everyone see the video you posted online? The answer is NO. When you post a video on Youtube, you have the option to make it private, only viewable to those that have the link. Using this option, your video is only viewable by the audience it is intended.

    The tools that we all have at our fingertips are game changers. Every independent insurance agency should outfit their producers with IPADS. Every agency should have the know how to use video for not only education, but as a sales tool, and embrace all the different tools that can help us be more efficient risk mangers.

    One final note, having just purchased a new VOIP phone system, I found it refreshing that there was NO human-personal training. Only a video link of a nice person using the system and showing it’s features and benefits. The more you wanted to learn about the system, the more video you could watch.

    Having a video overview on your website about your agency is not a bad idea and neither is having a library outlining various every day questions like why do I need workers compensation or other juicy tidbits that can be shared with your prospects and clients. We usually have about 1 cup of humor and 1 tbs of sarcasm to make our videos a little more viewable. Don’t ever forget, we are selling INSURANCE…. a product and service that sometimes needs just a little sizzle to make it interesting.

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    Youtube as a sales tool
    Youtube as a sales tool
    Youtube as a sales tool
    Youtube as a sales tool



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